It's funny to me that I can be so impatient with anything technologically speaking, but give me paper, ink and rubber and I can spend hours fussing with the smallest of details.  We've had connection problems at our house today and I sheepishly say with four of us on the web at any one time...well a slow down on the super highway!  My DH is calling from his backyard office...asking about problems...reset the router...yada yada!  And I lose a blog post and a SCS upload full of rich details.  

Yep, it's time for me to get outta Dodge and head for the coast...well in two weeks anyway!  I created this card for the Limited Supply Challenge.  You can find it here.  I'll mail it to my DH as a thank you for giving me the time away, taking care of our dear sons, and keeping the home fires burning!  Time for me to recreate, relax, and hang with my friend.  Thanks so much honey...you are the best.


nancyruth said...

Oh yes, he must be such an awesome husband to give you such well deserved *girlfriend* time... I do empathize with your cyber woes, however I trust you will get all the crinkles out soon. Keep up the wonderful and inspiring art Susan! You do bring joy to all of us.

~amy~ said...

I'm with you on the impatience of tech difficulties...and the ability to sit and create for long periods of time making something "just perfect" :) Thanks for sharing your perfect pieces of art!!! On a side note check this out:


Have a FABulous weekend Susan!!!