Good Morning, friends, It's the middle of January and I am far behind in this blogging year! But right where the LORD wants me in terms of commitments! Our home is settling down after a rockin great visit from Sam. He's back in the swing of classes as is Andy. I hope the cycle of our calendar reminds you of fresh beginnings.

One beginning I am particularly excited about is the HIS HOLY NAMES CHALLENGE that Patter Cross is leading over on SCS. I had prayed about becoming involved with this and was blessed when the answer came with the closing of one door and the swinging wide open of another! It is an every other week challenge which gives me time to be in the Word and study, so I suppose you could say, this work is truly inspired.

The first challenge which was issued on January 4th, was the word HOLY. The format is 6x6 scrapbook pages. I have found this to be a perfect size for me to use. I will be putting this into a small box that will allow me to access the pages. I plan to have hidden pockets, hinged papers, pull outs where I can journal my study of the words as we go along. My first entry was done using traditional scrap booking and a bit of digital. As I studied, I selected two scriptures that especially spoke to me, 1 Samuel 2:2 and Exodus 15:11a. I love God's word for it is living and active and will speak to just where you are if you approach it with an open heart. God is indeed my ROCK! HE is HOLY, everything else in my life must be measured by HIM. I filter everything through what HE speaks to me.

Since my last post, pearl(S) of wisdom, I have some health issues I am facing...not life threatening, but significant just the same. I am so happy to have the LORD'S perspective and pray I will honor HIM in all my choices. If you would like to read the details of the creation of my first word, HOLY, please catch it in my gallery on SCS.

Blessings to you,


Shar said...

Fabulous piece!

~amy~ said...

Gorgeous Susan...love the metal embellies....please take care of yourself, okay?!

Julia Aston said...

This is a wonderful page Susan - I wish I could see your box and the pockets and papers of learnings you will tuck inside! I love your cutting of the labels one and the stitching on the edge - and your adornments add so much texture and interest and your choice of verses is super! I will add you to my prayers and hope you are improving with your health issues....