only you

OUR anniversary is coming up on Valentine's Day...yep, I married a romantic man...a long board surfer dude from the '60's...who sings to me and loves me still after all these years.  He's been the keeper of my dreams when I couldn't carry them and then given them back to me,  blown on the winds of kindness.  He is truly my soul mate.  I can close my eyes, think of him and my heart flutters.  He has made our DS's the sweetness that they are.  He has loved their mother.

I know he'll love this card I made for OUR anniversary.  He always teases me about it being MY anniversary, cause I get all the gifts!  It is true, he lavishes me.   He proposed to me on bended knee with this song playing in the background of a very public place.  My card fits several challenges around our cyber world, the SCS Limited Supplies, Sharon Johnson's no time72, and the Twisted Sistahs create a scene. I love that is uncomplicated...that it has depth, but is two layers, and it tells a story.

Least you think this was a fairy tale, I must admit I had to kiss a lot of frogs before my one and only...


~amy~ said...

Oh Susan....I absolutely LOVE the anniversary card you designed for your very, very, very sweet dh. Aaaaahhh.....sooooo very romantic..you are one lucky duck!!

Julia Aston said...

Love this wonderfully vintage softly colored card! Can't get much more romantic than marrying on Valentine's day!