my advice to you

I'm feeling lighthearted today...the day of lovvvvve is rapidly approaching and I want to be ready!  No, I didn't marry for money, just  the man of my dreams and he's still the one after all these years (he'll be singing this song to me all week).  And he brings me white chocolate turtles (I don't eat the brown stuff)  

My beauty for the CC over on SCS today is a huge Stamps Happen stamp that I've patiently waiting to use...hope you like what I've done.  I wrote a fun commentary on my gallery entry if you need a chuckle today...it's about bosoms and my early memories!  I would love to hear if I am unique in this!

Have a wonderful day wherever you may be.


~amy~ said...

Whatta FUN card Susan!!! Bosoms...such a fun word...Loved reading your story on SCS...

Julia Aston said...

Such a fun stamp Susan! it makes me smile just seeing it! my mother always called her chest her bosom - couldn't quite make herself say the 'other' word. Her's was ample - mine - not so much!