more adventure

Well, my DS is on the road AGAIN!  This time his longest ever---a 5,000 mile round trip!  Destination: Holland, MI for the Division III Final Four women's game.  Sam and his cohorts left last night from OR by car to support this amazing team.  The women (10 freshman and no seniors) are 30-0 this season.  Of course, I have my mother's heart on the ready, covering them with prayer and traveling mercies. Over 10 states and back...for hopefully 2 games! 

I don't know about you, but this takes me way back to my own college years and I would have thought nothing about hopping in a car over an impossible distance for a concert.  Being on the other side of the worry factor...I must admit I'm more than a bit nervous...over the continental divide in winter?  33 hours in a bucket of bolts??? I am so glad he is in God's large hands!

My card today celebrates his sense of adventure...I used Artistic Outpost's wonderful Adventure plate...I'm going to suggest on the next impressions they maybe add TEXT me, please!!! to the choices...we've all sending texts...where are you now...what do you see!  

I'd be blessed if you'd lift Sam in up prayer...for a safe and fun journey there and back again!



Cathryn said...

Susan: I love your Adventure card, I think this set is highly overlooked. I can totally relate to your traveling son saga, I raised 3 girls and 1 boy and lived to tell about it :)

Grace said...

Hi Susan! Now that I'm a blogger I find myself finding more and more of my SCS friend's blogs! Your son will be in my prayers... I soooo know your Mother's heart on this one! After my accident it was all I could do to let my 16 year old take off on icy roads, but I had to put her in God's hands and He put a shield of protection around her. I'll pray that for your Son too! Come visit my blog when you can! I'd love for you to sign my guest book! I love your card... perfect for his adventure! Just watch those texts... can't text and drive ya know! LOL!


Anne said...

Ah yes, you can tell exactly what's on your mind with this card!! LOL!! It's so hard to not be there for them "just in case"!! No matter how old they get you will always be the mom!! Psalm 121:8 for Sam: The LORD will guard your going out and your coming in from this time forth and forever.

Julia Aston said...

What a fun travel card Susan! I'll be keeping your DS in my prayers! Love the puppy waiting for his call!