Birthday redux

I had to bring this card back, first of all to complete the idea my brilliant DS had for his own birthday card, and second to enter it into the Gallery Idol 2009 that Paper Craft Magazine is hosting.  I posted this last Saturday and thought it was a great card, but when Andy opened it on Tuesday, he almost immediately said, "oh Mom, it would have been cool if you had the #13 dropping off the back of the truck"!  Now of course, I was thinking, 'now why didn't I think of that'.  So when he was occupied with opening presents, I slipped away to my studio and popped those tiny #13 rub-on's just under the front of the truck. ...to be crushed on first roll.  Thanks DS for your input, it was most welcome!!!

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~amy~ said...

brilliant! Whatta creative boy you have!!! Good luck on the Idol Idol!