My heart feels light as wings today, guess I translated that into a card for the Limited Supply Challenge over  on SCS.  Check it out.  I found a very neat website that allows you to use her templates to create some very cool cards.  I want to thank RuthAnn for the use of her creativity. This butterfly fold turned out lovely and was all the simple things a limited card should be.  

I love to watch out my windows around the house at the flying creatures buzzing the various plants in my garden.  The honeybees, the dragonflies, or those butterflies.  They remind me of the cycles of nature, just as in my life.  I need to slow down, take a deep breath and just allow THEIR pace to affect me!

So as the weekend approaches, I hope there is time for you to take a lesson from the butterfly and stop and breathe in the beauty all around you. 

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Julia Aston said...

Love this beautiful butterfly fold card - especially the torn edges!