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It's another Friday...livin' for the weekend, right?  Sometimes the answer is a resounding Yes!

There's a new challenge category over on SCS Fridays that is called Mix-ability.  It is all about
mixed media...a way to get your feet or rather fingers dirty with a multitude of techniques.  This
is the third week and today it's called 'What's white and read all over'.  It uses white space and text
in our work.  Bonus to find a way to use the color red.

This sentiment has me thinking about more forward 'looking'.  And so a mirror seemed to be the perfect image.  It is from a long gone local rubber stamp man...though you might be able to find it at Stamp Francisco.  I embossed
it with clear powder and popped it slightly from the card base.  Mirrored paper was placed under into the frame. I masked the
sentiment so I could place the 'punchline'
under the mirror.

Red tule seemed the perfect accent as well as
an eyelet edge.  All long stashed supplies.

It's a very grey day here and my photographing was not at it's best, but I did like this next image that
captured my shadow.  I am off to ponder...have a wonderful weekend, all!


IT is well with my SOUL

I've been singing this beloved hymn for two weeks now, in the hallways at work, out on my bike, and in my studio.  It is one that sets my spirit soaring.  It is one that gives me great comfort as well.  Time for the second Hymn Challenge of 2013, check it out at Triple the Scraps: Hymn and Scripture Challenge

 I enjoyed the back story that Patter was kind enough to include with this challenge.  A true test of faith is when no matter what is thrown your way, you will still rise up and declare that it is well for the Lord is in control.  Even when you don't feel like it, or you can't see the forest for the trees, or when every
possible thing that could go wrong...ever feel that way?

During my time singing this hymn mostly to myself...I kept thinking on  Henry Ward Beecher's
quote:    the Soul is a temple God is silently building by night and
by day. Precious thoughts are building it, unselfish love is building it, all~penetrating faith is building it.  I love this picture from a National Geographic magazine of an ancient temple in ruins with the ocean doing what oceans' do...renew, reshape, refresh.  And so it is with my soul...the Lord is rebuilding my soul even as my earthy body is 
decaying.  My gift back is to honor MY temple so that I might weather the storms that threaten my faith.  
I created the left page in photoshop, layering the quote over the ocean...it's power is both wonderful and
destructive.  I used cork for the date tab...a bit of vintage German foil and washi tape.  On the right side, is a bit of vintage gold tapestry cut to resemble a banner overlaid with the sentiment ~smile with your soul~.  I used an acetate heart over my soul in the title of the hymn. There are three tiny staples on the heart.  I like to use threes on my work to symbolize the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.  The phrase, Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord, on my soul is highlighted.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you are blessed today and that you'll give a bit of thought to this hymn.
As for me, I'm gonna be singing out loud!


Lift High

It is a New Year, new opportunities, still fresh beginnings!  I'm jumping in hopeful...anticipating that every day will filled to the brim with whatever the Lord has for me.  And...for the uncharted waters, that I will navigate in HIS strength.

I am still chasing the balance...just as I've written in many posts before!  Don't know if having many
passions is a blessing, insert big smile here.  Last year took me away from paper art and out on my
bike as I logged over 2,000 miles under my pedal power.  More about that on my cycling blog...

I do want to participate in the Patter Cross 2013 Hymn and Scripture Challenge.  In 2009 she led
His Holy Name study that I very much enjoyed.  If you are interested in my work you can find some
of them right here!  I am remaining positive that EVENTUALLY I will 'catch' up.  And extremely thankful that the LORD is gracious to me as I live unbalanced...

So here are my artful pages for the  #1 hymn for 2013.  It is Lift High the Cross written in 1887 by George William Kicthin.  Patter has several links for listening to the song.  I spent much time just meditating on the words and did watch the Youtube video with used footage from the movie 'The Passion of Christ'. Which for me is heartbreaking~ the visuals of the physical sacrifice Jesus took upon himself, indeed the weight of the whole world.

I am using a hymnal gifted me by my neighbors as my base for the challenges.  And while the
hymn wasn't in this '70's songbook, I printed the music and inserted it on a random page.  I
couldn't get away from the immense weight Jesus bore for us. The facing page is covered with
black inks, leaving tiny bits of the print showing through...which says, His LOVE is
everlasting...forever and always...a lovely serendipity for the scripture I chose, Revelation 7:12.
I also used Twinkling H2O's swirling across the upper page to convey the heavens.

 I added  scraps of wood lower down for there were 2 other men crucified that
day.  The cross was constructed from a safety match.  HE is indeed the LIGHT of the world.
And forever and forever I will proclaim the name of JESUS.

Thank you for hanging in there with me, I have some formatting issues that I am not sure
how to correct...so this post doesn't look as perfect as I would want, but then perhaps that is
a message to me.....