where does the time go?

Has it ever been a month...computer on life support, sickness going through our whole house and a big birthday to celebrate!  My dear MIL is 80 now.  We've got a house full of company and parties to attend in her honor.  And, of course, that's in addition to all the regular stuff that make up our lives!

Today's Ways to Use it was an all white challenge. Interesting to think in hues and textures of white.

Off to a luncheon for the Birthday gal!  


Alleluia, HE is risen, HE is risen, indeed!

Happy Easter to all who celebrate this joyful day.  I've returned to the cyber world, the Mac is back, minus 10 years of digital pictures.  The computer technicians were not miracle workers.  I've cried my river of tears over the lost memories.  Been bolstered by my sweet boys, from "we'll make new memories, to let's take a picture every day".  I am saddest to loose my youngest son's pics...so please, please take my sorrow and BACK-UP everything! 

I am posting my KING 6x6 scrapbook page for the His Holy Name challenge on SCS.  I am proud of how it came together.  I had to start over when it was almost complete...due to operator error...however, the new and improved page has more depth, which when I am journaling is always welcome.

If you've got a few minutes, amble over to you tube, David Crowder Here is Our KING.  You'll be blessed, trust me!  Alleluia


think they allow hospital visits

to the Mac Hospital, cause that's where you'd find my sleek, beautiful, IMAC! In critical condition, I might add! After macaid FAILED on Saturday, I wrapped my 'right hand' in a beach towel, strapped the seat belt and headed for the Mac Store. Hopefully, I'll be back uploading pics by Friday! Just wanted to let ya know! I have very limited access til then.


remember the circus

I am remembering the circus today, both vintage (my girlhood) and contemporary!   All I have to do is close my eyes and I can be right back there in the stands under the big top.  Oh, the earthy smells of the animals mingled with popcorn and sticky, sugar lollipops!  I recall the flyers nailed to every telephone pole down the street...how about you?  There was a wonderful book called Toby Tyler or 10 Weeks with a Circus  written in 1881 which chronicled the story of a boy who runs away from home to join the circus...I must have read that book a half a dozen times as a young girl in the sixties!  And while the concepts of the circus have gotten more exotic, think Cirque du Soleil...there is still the romance of the big top.

Today's Ways to Use it Challenge on SCS was to include foil in your design... well, I'm still playing around with the 'Never-ending' card from Monday.  Dawn's template is  here.
I thought it would be fun to do a larger card, sort of like you ripped the flyer off the pole to carry to the circus!  I have used Artistic Outpost's wonderful sets, Vintage Circus and Clowns to create four vignettes for the circus of my memory!  K&CO's Daydreams  provided the cool doubled sides paper.  If you would like all the details, please click over to my gallery on SCS.

Now you tell me, what memories to you have of circuses?