My watermark

Thanks are in order to my SCS friend, NancyRuth for the great link to Kurt's watermark tutorial.  When I figure out how to link and unlink and maybe even relink I'll edit this post!  My dear son, who, of course, is quite computer literate...spent hours with me yesterday creating my very own watermark.  He was so patient with me and would not give up until we had achieved our goal.  So I am thanking him very much for teaching his 'ole' Mom some new tricks!  

He's off to Boy Scout camp for a week...have a blast o'son of mine.  I'll try hard not to lose what you created for me!!!


just another ordinary in the cyber neighborhood

I never want to stop learning, even if it's just one small thing every day.  Today it is a big thing...creating my very own blog!  I haven't a clue where this path will lead, but I'm excited to walk in a new direction.  Be gentle with me, I welcome your comments and suggestions.  

I dedicate this to my techo-savvy boys.

I love you guys!