I get to welcome home my winner today, my Andy from a week at Little League State Championships.  They lost in a big way...against boys that were head and shoulders literally above them. Losses are tough, but what they bring to you, if you allow it, is a refining of your character.  How do I teach that to my son. Gently, I think!

My card today is for several challenges over on SCS.  The Ways to Use it  was on negative space.  I love how my Andy turned out, using the negative D and the character for *and*. The baseball D is just perfect in my thinking for the theme. And Andy just adores dogs of any kind and this one obviously hurt seemed just right too!

It's a busy day for me, I'm off to the coast for a few days.  Hope you have a wonderful weekend wherever you are!



I'll be back in a bit to finish my thought



I'm sending you my friends thankful thoughts for all the prayers that were lifted heavenward for both my coworkers this week.  I am happy to say that both are doing much better and on the road to recovery, passing that critical juncture.  My card today was created to honor the featured stamper, a challenge you'll find on SCS every Sunday.  Thanks to you, susiestampsalot for the inspiration.  I think I like this challenge the very best, for it allows me to 'try' on someone's elses style and get me out of MY creative box!!!

So have a wonderful Sunday afternoon whatever you do and I'll see you around!


play ball

It's time for the state Little League Championships beginning this weekend.  We're sending our youngest son to pursue his dream of Williamsport PA.  Slipped into his suitcase are several cards to be opened along the way, cards to encourage and remind him, we're rooting for him from home!  

The Saturday challenge was an Inspiration Challenge which you can find here. The art of Kay Lamb Shannon.  I decided to keep the rooster theme going and knew this Artistic Outpost sentiment would be perfect for my design. You can read the details if you like.  

I couldn't resist putting a card base on Andy's District picture from last season.  He had his rally cap on!  I love how it turned out, though when I cut the paper, I was hoping for more of the word Baseball showing, but I'll take the WIN any day!  

I'm off to bed now, I want to be a bit rested so I can make favorite breakfast before we send the team off.  I'll let ya know how it turns out!  Have a lovely weekend.



My heart feels light as wings today, guess I translated that into a card for the Limited Supply Challenge over  on SCS.  Check it out.  I found a very neat website that allows you to use her templates to create some very cool cards.  I want to thank RuthAnn for the use of her creativity. This butterfly fold turned out lovely and was all the simple things a limited card should be.  

I love to watch out my windows around the house at the flying creatures buzzing the various plants in my garden.  The honeybees, the dragonflies, or those butterflies.  They remind me of the cycles of nature, just as in my life.  I need to slow down, take a deep breath and just allow THEIR pace to affect me!

So as the weekend approaches, I hope there is time for you to take a lesson from the butterfly and stop and breathe in the beauty all around you. 


teabags and back to searching...

The Thursday challenge is Ways to Use It and today's call was Spice it up.  I knew I'd have to use this awesome quote by Nancy Reagan, "A woman is like a teabag~you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water."  We do seem to have an extra measure of rising to the occasion and I applaud you for never giving up.   I'd love to hear of any hot water stories you'd be willing to share.   If you would like to read the how to of my card, you'll find it here.

I know alot of you have asked how my son's little league games turned out and I wanted to let you know they are our District 9 champions and are headed for the State Tourney beginning on Sunday.   Andy had doubles, a grand slam and numerous amazing defensive plays during the four game series.  He is an awesome 1st baseman and I can wait to see what he does at the State level.  But for today, we are going through the lessons I learned yesterday...he's misplaced his All Star cap...sure hope this is the one that will have him putting his things in their proper spots...frustration is beginning to set in and do I ever feel for him!  Well, I've gotta go and help...look with bigger eyes, or we'll both be in hot water!

Have a wonderful day!


recycle toters

Yep, that's were I found my Crafty Secrets sewing set of stamps today.  That'll teach me to clean up my creative space!  My card today for the sketch challenge at SCS was so much fun to make.  Now I've got to figure out how to stay out of 50 gal curbside toters!  Thanks for looking.  



 It's almost here, a trip to the coast with my dear friend who has created with me for decades now!  We've journeyed through many different crafts and have gotten so much pleasure in each one!  Beginning with beaded counted cross stitch (SMILE), to complicated 32 count samplers ( yes,  you are ahead of me on that one), to needlepoint, knitting (I did so knit that sweater twice to get  it perfect, you know I did!!!), to now playing with paper and ink.  Can't wait to be together again,  to relax, sleep, read,  dream, and create!  

I am so thankful the Lord knitted our hearts together so long ago!



It's a beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest, breezy and sunny...a winning combination!  Today's featured stamper (a Sunday Challenge on SCS) gave me a chance to spotlight an idea I've been toying with for quite awhile now. Especially in light of raising up young men to find their place in this world.

I've always been swimming up stream, like our salmon that make runs beginning out to sea and then rivers, streams, creeks...giving it all their energy to return home to spawn.  I want to be all that my Lord created me to be and if it runs counter to what our culture tells...so be it.  My prayer is just that for our sons...and it's not easy to put into words just what that means.  So I'll take the easy creek path  for today and tell them to just *B*.  

 I created a card to shout that *B* out!  And if you would like to read the details, you'll find them here.  I've got a crumble to go make.

Have a wonderful Sunday.


paper dolls

I was never a doll girl.  And I was right in the Barbie era.  Guess I knew then she just wasn't realistic.  Now if  I'd been a girl aka American Girl dolls, I would have been all over those!  It will be such fun to have granddaughters to watch where their interests lie.   I did, however, love paper dolls and anxiously awaited my mother to finish the McCall's magazine each month so I could have the Betsy page.  I enjoyed creating new costumes and settings with her.

That's what inspired me today with Stef's challenge. Cakes, cupcakes, sweet treats!  I needed to create a birthday card  and I just can't resist vintage images.  You'll find my description here.  It was just such fun to print and cut...I can't help but being reminded of that saying...'we do not quit playing because we grow old,  we grow old because we quit playing.'  I really do see the wisdom in that!  And as for me, I want to play everyday!  How about you?



It's funny to me that I can be so impatient with anything technologically speaking, but give me paper, ink and rubber and I can spend hours fussing with the smallest of details.  We've had connection problems at our house today and I sheepishly say with four of us on the web at any one time...well a slow down on the super highway!  My DH is calling from his backyard office...asking about problems...reset the router...yada yada!  And I lose a blog post and a SCS upload full of rich details.  

Yep, it's time for me to get outta Dodge and head for the coast...well in two weeks anyway!  I created this card for the Limited Supply Challenge.  You can find it here.  I'll mail it to my DH as a thank you for giving me the time away, taking care of our dear sons, and keeping the home fires burning!  Time for me to recreate, relax, and hang with my friend.  Thanks so much honey...you are the best.



I really stretched the Ways to Use it Challenge today, it's mini themed.  I snuck in with mini brads and eyelets...I just had to use this wonderful Martin Luther King quote "FAITH is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase".  You can see details of my card here.   I'm pondering a child's first steps and two co-workers very serious, but different surgeries, and my DMIL who finds herself scootering  these days in order to stay mobile.  I am in awe of their courage.  Their faith grows mine.  How about you?  Who in your life is silently building yours?  I know I'm taking every stair that comes in my path this day and tomorrow too!



Wednesday's are the sketch challenge at SplitCoastStampers
and today's was quite the puzzle, literally!  I decided to go with
a tile stamp that I could cut into fourths.  While I am inking,
coloring, sponging, I am thinking.  Thinking of how the Lord
refines us, hones us layer upon layer and polishes our rough edges
until we reflect Jesus.   Someone once said to me, "You just might
be the only Jesus someone will ever see."  I know I am in need of 
more polishing, there are still too many rough edges there.


surprise, Tuscany style

Don't you just love surprises!  I know I do, though I'm usually not good at keeping them!  I remember when I was a young girl and I would always find Santy Claus'es stash in my parents closet!  My mother never let on  that I had done a lousy job of retaping.  I'm glad my children have patience and are always waiting to be surprised!

Todays, Color Challenge  reminds me of the colors of Tuscany.  So my card is a door inviting you to partake and I can't quite reveal the sentiment for it is a surprise!  Can you wait and be surprised?  Someone will... and I promise to be back here and let you in on the fun!


Gifts of the Heart

I love the treasures my sons bring me whether it be a paper plate craft at Sunday School, a "MOM" pod or a paraffin hand spa bought with long saved allowances...each a reminder that love abounds!  This weekend was no different when Andy arrived home from Boy Scout camp with treasures in his pockets!  Sand dollars collected on the beach during his Oceanography merit badge class.  I decided to create a card to thank him!  The challenge on SCS today is to make a suspension card, sometimes known as a spinner card.   Check it out here.   Thanks so much my son for your gifts of the heart!


What a difference a week makes!

It has been seven days now that I took the plunge.  I have learned so much and still, more to discover.  The world of templates and sidebars and Html (now EXACTLY what is that stuff!!) My sons return home this weekend and I can't wait to show them what I've learned in their absence.  
Lots of it on a wing and a prayer...but that will work for me.

And another reason I am glad I have my tactile art to intersperse with the cold metal of a keyboard!  Today's Inspiration Challenge was Mackintosh Enamels...here's my take on it.  I'd love to know what you think!


Happy Birthday, America

It's July 4th and I take a deep breath and remember how thankful I am to be an American.  I pray that God's grace would continue to be poured out upon us.  I'm thankful for my family, though this year we are separated by Boy Scout summer camp and a road trip.  Not matter where, I know our love and thoughts connect us.  Safe journeys to all.  

And a word on my card for the Limited Supply Challenge over on SCS...you can read the details here


one step forward...a halfback!

I have to say thank you today to Lisa S for her helpful suggestions and time.  I 've learned so much in less than a week about pixels, saving for web, and photoshop....and so much more to accomplish!  But for today, this is the look of my spot in cyberspace!!!  And I am beginning to realize I'm much more like Scarlett than sensible Melanie!  

I needed a card for a co-worker who is recovering from major surgery and it was Sketch Challenge over on SCS.  Details in my gallery there.


trial and error

 I had time to create another card for the color challenge today.  This is a fabulous image from B Line Designs called the dressing room.

learning how to link and upload on different sites...I don't ever want to stop learning...never stop scratching my brain and pouring new stuff in there!   This card was for the Color Challenge over at SCS.