saying goodbye

We said farewell to our beloved Jessie last night. She was somewhere around 11, don't know for certain, we rescued her in 2001. Oh, the love and devotion she had given us all these years. So many memories to cherish and recall when the 'missing' kicks in. Already no heavy footfalls behind me in the kitchen meaning: it's morning time for chow. No climbing up in my dear husbands lap while we read the newspaper and have our coffee. No paw reaching up to tap my leg, "hey, pay attention" to me. . Thank you, my sweet big kitty for all the joy you brought us. And Father God, you who created all things, wherever she is, I know it is so much more than here. It's been a season of goodbyes for our family the end of this year. Hope springs eternal, life continues, and forever the best parts remain in our hearts.


Our hope

I write this post being uncertain as to how I will reenter this blogging world. Thanks in advance for hanging with me! Many of you know my beloved Mother in LOVE was called home to heaven in September. On my birthday even. It was a sudden illness and she never regained consciousness. Her medical directive made it clear there would be no heroics. And so when the basics of life, breath and hydration, could no longer be sustained on her own, we prepared our hearts for separation. The elders of her church were called to the CICU along with family and friends. We surrounded her bed, praying, speaking remembrances, reading scriptures, and most of all, singing old hymns. Once the machines were turned off, it was just a matter of minutes that this worn out earthly body could continue to support the breath of life given to her so long ago. I praise our God that HIS plan is perfect and that his angels carried her soul that night. I stoked her beautiful face so soft and radiant, her hair so silvery (wisdom) perfect even with bedhead!and whispered how pretty she was even after all the invasive equipment.

And so with all the details of dismantling (my dear husbands' word) her life, it's taken me this long to feel ready to create again. I was blessed to make a video montage of Bette's life in pictures (when I figure out how to embed a copy, I will post it here). Both my sons were in on the effort, with Andy scanning all my many choices of photographs and Sam selecting the music that would be so important to the theme of her life. I felt happy in going through all the photo albums, shoe boxes, and picture frames to select the images that would tell the story of her life.
When it was presented at the memorial, it brought together a diverse group of people with Bette the center story of every thought.

I share all this and today's Color Challenge on Splitcoast for it is just a few days until we honor the reason for our hope, our gift. May you have the merriest of Christmases this year.