it's fun to see what brings us together, common likes or dislikes. Today I celebrate my friend, Amy, who shares a love of chandeliers with me!  We've got a friendly competition going collecting stamps which feature chandeliers...and she has scored one that is at the top of my list!  Okay, Miss Amy...bring it on! I, also, am reminded of NancyRuth who actually works around shiny, dreamy fixtures every day...what fun!  This one of mine today is very similar to one which hung in my grandmothers' house. Whenever they moved, the chandelier moved too!  It was such a beauty...all crystal pieces. 

So now along with my beloved windows, chairs, and doors, I have chandeliers...and since my ceilings are only 8ft...I'll just keep collecting them in rubber!  How about you?  What do you have a thing for?


~amy~ said...

Susan...Gorgeous chandelier card...I accept your challenge my friend :) You know me...chandeliers and crowns...love them both! Thanks for the wonderful inspiration Susan...have a most magnificent day!!!!

Shelly said...

You even have it properly hung! Super nice Susan!

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

LOVE the chandelier card ... how beautiful is this!!! I too remember the chandelier that used to hang in our diningroom with all the crystal prisms the glowed so beautifully when it was lit! I think my mom still has it packed away ... got to be too much for her to keep clean.
I have several collectable loves! My SANTA collection (only during the holidays) ... my teapot collection (all year) ... my vintage collection (all in the "poofy" room of my house)and of course my STAMP collection! Need I go on??? As always Susan, thanks for your inspirations!!