on being tagged

Well, it finally happened...I got tagged!  Thanks Vicky!  I certainly enjoyed reading your 7 things, now as for me to reveal more than half a dozen things about myself! No time for paper art, I hope you enjoy my photographic talents with this pic of our wonderful Oregon coast!

1) I am a follower of Jesus. I want others to see HIM when they see me.  I have lots of work to do for that to happen, but every day I strive to love and live for HIM.  It is not about religion, but relationship to me.

2) I recently colored my hair for the first time in my life!  My DS told me he was tired of people asking if I was his grandma...'Can you image that, MOM?'...actually I can as I just had my 55th birthday last week.  But the Lord gives in HIS time and my mothering career was...well, I guess you could say I was a late bloomer!  Now I am faced with trying to keep up that glorious color!!! Read, less stamping money!

3) I didn't want to scrapbook/stamp.  I resisted for over ten years...I knew I would be hopelessly addicted. Now I dream of projects in my dreams...I love everything about it...touching the papers, the stamps, the ink...I know what you're thinking because you all are the same!  I have a corner in our family room that looks pretty sweet...we all hang here, doing computer or whatever...while isn't as spacious as I would want, it works

4)  Reading is another passion for me and I've found I have to work it in to everyday...I love the classics or obscure writings...I like to be absorbed in a book.  My sons and I read to each other.  My eldest college son still loves to be read to...we consider it a high art. And plan what book will be next!

5) I love music of all kinds and have made it a point to be a student of my sons music...yep, even 'SCREAMO, Primordial angst.  I surprise them with tickets to favorite bands and GO with them.  I was gifted a "MOMpod (purple my fav) for Mother's Day.  To say I rock out would be an understatement. Gospel, punk, old shag music, classical, beatnik...Billie Holiday, Pasty Cline...I LOVE it all!!!

6) Cheese is my favorite food.  Much rather have it than sweets.  I have a local market that has a cheese steward...that about says it all.  This week I am eating Goudas.

7) I love quirky, original restaurants.  Small mom and pop shops. 
Places where they know me and my family.

Girls, I could go on and on...but it's time to run to the bread store and co-op classes for my hip DS...no playing for me today...well unless you consider the fields of my mind! Thanks so much for thinking of me, Vicky!


Vicky Gould said...

Oh, I knew you would have such cool 'secrets', Susan. You are just such a sweet, unique person - what a great mom you must be - I envy you your outlook on life and will strive to match you in some small way! Loved reading your life's little secrets!

Julia Aston said...

So happy to know you better from today's post Susan! Sounds like you have it all together and really work at keeping your life on keel!! thanks for sharing today!!

Liz Williams said...

Haven't visited your blog lately and glad I picked today to do so. Loved reading about you. Love that you are bold in your faith and I agree, it is all about relationship. I see you like to read. You probably have already read this book, so what did you think about the book, The Shack by William Young?If you haven't read it yet,, you gotta get that one! I haven't finished it yet, but wow!

Anne said...

Loved reading all about you Susan! Your love for Jesus is inspiring, I try to keep Him close at all times but often fail miserably!! I'm excited to be blogging, what a whole new world this has opened up!! And I'm struggling with the basics of the techinical side of blogging too...I don't even know what questions to ask yet! I'll be popping in to check on you!!