on wrinkles

I love wrinkles!  I know, I know you just might think I've lost it, but wait a minute...if we live long enough we will have an assortment of them. I remember both my grandmothers.  One, the wrinkles pulled down her face into a permanent frown and while there were many years yet to live, she seemed to always project a sadness I could never quite understand.  My other grandmother was blessed with a porcelain complexion and a softness to rival an infant, fresh from God.  She had a twinkle of mischievous all her days...I loved to stroke her face and smell what was probably Pond's cold cream! Which leads me to my mother.  My mother is a sun lover and it shows on her skin today.  But I adore her leathery look and thankfully no skin cancer. I read her face and remember and dream and photograph it in my mind's eye...for I never want to forget that roadmap of her life for I know my times coming.

Smile girls...you've just exercised 27 muscles to keep those wrinkles at bay...for a bit longer.

My card for the SCS ways to use it challenge was created to honor my mother...it's winging it's way East.  I love you, Mimi!


~amy~ said...

Oh Susan, I really do love to read your stories behind your cards. They always make me stop and ponder...Ponds Cold Cream, my Grandmother used that and my Mom still does :) Wrinkles...my maternal grandmother had a ton of them. I miss her dearly....she use to live with us for several years. She passed away 2 months before my son was born...sigh...she had a hard life but she made the most of it and I love {not loved} her very much! thanks for getting ME to go down my memory lane...My mom is 2 years away from 70 and she hardly has any wrinkles...woo hoo! :)

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What a beautiful and amazing card Susan!! And such lovely memories you shared - you have a wonderful writing sytle that I so enjoy!! I have many smile lines - it's proof of all the joy I have in my life!!
hugs, Jami

Julia Aston said...

Ok - so I can realate to this card!!! But it is a happy thing to think of them as smile wrinkles! I love your crinkled wrinkled face on this happy card! I'm sure your mother will cherish this!