I always manage a chuckle when I see this quote from Tallulah Bankhead.  I don't know about you, but I have had varying success with diaries or the more hip moniker, journals.  I remember as a young teen having the most adorable, petite diary with a tiny key to keep prying eyes from my innermost thoughts...mostly it was pried open by my younger brothers who gave me no privacy!  I have attempted  to write in a more consistent way through the years, but one thing I have managed to do is write gratitudes...lists of things I am thankful for each day.   It definitely helps me keep negativity at bay and the reward is being able to go back and remind myself of all the blessings that follow me.

My card today celebrates this idea (of sorts).  A group of SCS regulars are having a bit of fun teasing each other about Santa's Naughty or nice list.   I would have never considered myself on the naughty list before reading my name there!  You can check out the hijinks's right here 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  We're off to the coast for the annual family Thanksgiving Dinner with our Boy Scout troop.  It's a chance for the boys to cook a MASSIVE meal and SERVE from the well stocked dining hall of Camp Baker.  As you might imagine, they are up to their elbows peeling potatoes and such.  It'll be deep fried turkeys too!   Yum!!!

Before I go, I wanted to mention Artistic Outpost has their charming vintage Snowy Woods plate on special for $19.99.  Please have a look


~amy~ said...

FABulous card Susan! I always think that I should keep a journal...especially when the kids say something hilarious but evidently I'm a Naughty girl because I haven't had much luck doing more than a couple entries at a time :) Sounds like you all are going to have a magnificent weekend! Deep fried turkey...mmmm....

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What a fun card!! I'm off and on with my journaling - I have a tendancy to want to write in it more when I'm feeling low, so I quit writing in it. I thought, what will happen when my kids grow old and read this? They'll think I was a very depressed person! I have decided that I will start a gratitude journal instead. In the mean time...I just write on my blog :)
hugs, Jami