dressed for dinner

It's time for another sketch challenge over on SCS...I had a blast this week as all parts of this card flowed together.  I used one of the clip art images from a book called Lifetime of Memories.  For a collage artist, which I probably am...these books are a dream...so many little bits and pieces to play with...I'm not one known for my jokes, but I love visual puns and words, all kind of words.  And I like to tell stories of things that actually happened in my life...you know that old saying " truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction.  There are full details in my gallery for this card.

 We're skipping the turkey at our house and grilling filet mignon on the deck tomorrow afternoon.   Being raised in the South, our food traditions run deep and change is not what any real Southerner wants on a holiday.  In that regard, I am so happy I married a Californian...we make up our traditions from one year to the next.  My husband used to tease me by saying, 'anything you do twice is a tradition'.  Well, now with two boys almost raised up,  we have our favorites, but we all are willing to go a different way and explore new food.  I'd love to hear what graces your Thanksgiving tables.


~amy~ said...

Oh Susan, love your "Dressed 4 Dinner" card....I love your stories...I didn't realize you are from the south...I guess I just thought you were a PNW native. We didn't grow up with much in the way of Thanksgiving traditions...one year could be turkey...one year Japanese food :) This year it is just my mom and me so we're going to McCormick's...woo hoo...no cooking or cleaning!!! I hope that you have a magnificent Thanksgiving..yours sounds yummish!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful card - you are indeed a collage artist - I always enjoy seeing all the bits and pieces that make up your creations!!

We are doing traditional turkey dinner this year. Though at the chow hall, we also had some of our favorite Korean side dishes like kim-chee and mandu.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!