Still having a son at home, I am often reminding him to focus on his task at hand. Seems it's a buzz word these days.  But I know focus is something I desperately need to apply to my own self!  I've actually taken to setting a kitchen timer...trying to use the minutes in my favor. And I get back to vision, what am I seeing?  How am I using my gifts, my imagination?  I love to sit back and think through the creation process...dreams taking flight, when there is tangible evidence~~~ART!

I want there to always be time to discover wonder 'round every corner, in a page of a book, or out the front door as my son just summoned me to have a look at one of our Japanese maples that is ruby red against the dark of night.  His focus is adjusted...how about yours?

My card for the Featured Stamper challenge this week 'focuses' on this very idea.


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What an amazingly beautiful card, and just as beautiful is what you wrote. This is a message our chaplain shared with us on our spiritual hike last weekend - it wasn't about who could get to the top first, it was about finding the beauty in the journey.
big hugs, Jami

~amy~ said...

REALLY love this Susan, okay so I really love EVERYthing you create :) But the story that you tell is very timely for me...focusing on creativity. Wonderful image on your card and LOVE the sentiment....

Hey, can you imagine, I have yet to visit boehms? I pass by it every single day too!

Happy sunday Susan!

Julia Aston said...

And I see one of the brass pieces I sent you on this card! What a super design - wonderful bg dp and quote - your cards are always so insightful and bursting with subtle meaning!