peace or piece, what would you choose?

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate this American holiday and happy Thursday to everyone!  I am thankful to those Indians who reached out to the pilgrims so long ago and helped the fledglings survive.  They certainly didn't have to.  I'm thankful for my country, warts and all; and I believe Her best days are ahead, not behind.  I am so glad my boys are sleeping warm in their beds together again under our roof.  I'm thankful for the laughter and lightness that will ring in this house today as family gathers to fellowship and EAT.  I'm grateful for the traditions that make this our holiday.  

My card for the Ways to Use it Challenge honors these thoughts.  Have a look!  I love the old clip art that is becoming more available and the fact you can create anything with a printer!  While some of our technologies frustrate (read challenge) me, I am thankful for being able to use my computer to create.  I still must touch things and get my fingers inky and sticky from adhesive!

So, I'd love to hear what you are especially thankful for this day.  Be Joyful!


~amy~ said...

Ooohhh Susan....thanks for stoppin' by today...I always enjoy your words of cheer and encouragement :) Happy Thanksgiving my friend...one of these days we MUST meet up :) Wonderful card...you are always an inspiration to me....

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

How cool is that eagle!?! I just love how you cut into his wings to add the dimension and shadow!!

Big hugs,

~amy~ said...

Happy Black Friday Sista...I have something for you on my blog...off to go shopping :)

Joan Ervin said...

What an AWESOME card, Susan!! How cool that everything you used was printed out.....the eagle is beautiful!! You are sooo creative...love all our *stuff*!!!I am glad your boys are both home together, too...we are all soooo blessed!!! BTW, I am glad for the pilgrams, too....My Mayflower ancester is George Soule and if he hadn't decided to come to the new world, I wouldn't be here. Way to go, George!!!

Anne said...

Sounds like you and yours had a wonderful Thanksgiving!! I love your eagle and all the collage parts, this is truely your genre!

Wanted to let you know that I nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger award!! Go by my blog and check it out...pick up the badge for your blog and check out the official "rules" that are listed at the end of my blog posting today!!

Thanks for your always kind words and enthusiastic encouragement!!