stars sang

I've written before that sketch challenges are hard for me as it somewhat requires staying within the lines.  Being an outside of the line, over the line kinda of girl, well you can see my challenge! However after I saw Jami Bova's wonderful example of the OCC call this week, I knew I had to give it a run.   I used Tin Can Mail's vintage scripture stamp. You can read the details, if you would like.

Last night was Family Thanksgiving with our Boy Scout troop at Camp Alton Baker.  The scouts left early yesterday morning to begin preparing the feast, working all day.  There was oven roast turkey, smoked turkey (my favorite), and deep fried turkey. Tables laden with side dishes...all you could want or need.  

The highlight of the evening, after we'd been entertained with skits, songs and walk-on improv, was a flag burning.  Proper disposal of our flag is handled by only two groups, the first being the Boy Scouts and the American Legion.  We watch in solemn respect as the flag was held by two of the older scouts and the stripes were cut apart and each placed separately into the fire. There was a script read about the history of our flag.  And then when only the stars remained the field of blue was laid  on the top of the flames.  I share a picture I took as the boys were moving to the fire.  I can't really explain the feeling in the room as we watched the last of that flag send it's ashes up the chimney.   I know I was honored to be there with that group of friends and family, watching the reverence the boys gave to the symbol of our country.   And for America, God bless you and long may your freedoms wave...I know your stars also shouted out last night!


Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What an amazing card - I love the way you cut through the image with the ribbon. And the image and scripture are beautiful!! Great take on the sketch!

I was very touched at your writing of our flag. Living on a military base, at 5pm every day when the flag is lowered, EVERYONE stops and faces the flag and pays their respect. people driving stop their cars, and get out. It is amazing to look out my window at 5 pm and see a playground full of children all stop and face the flag and pay their silent respects. I will never grow old of that feeling of pride!
hugs to you!!

Heather said...

It is my first time to your blog. I came today because Jami gave us both the Kreative Blogger Award today. I had to check out the other 6 ladies bloggs to. I will be back you have some wonderful things and ideas!

I like that you put in your first sentance that you are a child of God. I always appriciate that when I see that right off the bat on some ones blog!

Off to see more of your great creations!!!