little hearts and dinner

I am so behind on my Valentines...don't know about you, but the day of LOVE has snuck (it that a real word) on me this year!  I've been waiting to use all my funny and lovely hearts shaped images,  and I'm sure I won't get them all inked this time 'round!  Yikes!!!  I did manage to create a card for DS today using the SC at SCS.  

Those Inkadinkadoo Kid's quotes are just the best!  They remind me of the Art Linkletter TV show, "Kids' say the darnest things".  Precious!  I used one today to create a Valentine card for DS.  He has such a tender heart for children and I know he will appreciate this one.  I used a bit of cello bag to hold the hearts suspended in the jar.  They are from the Martha confetti heart punch.  I have more details on  my gallery .  

I am still smiling at the thought of the dinner I shared with my SCS/cyber friend, CAKath last night.  She was in town for business meetings and we arranged to meet up in the REAL world!  Oh, my, it was as though we had always been friends, so many different things we share.  We talked about art, life, dreams, and goals for hours and were the last patrons in the restaurant.  It was a most delightful time...I feel closer than ever to her and can only look forward to meeting up again.  And I won't hesitate to have her spy on big DS on his Spring trip to Southern Cali!!!

So how are all you gals doing on your Valentines...hope you are 'aheart' of me!!!  Be blessed today and always.


~amy~ said...

such a sweet valentines day card!!! I have goodies all purchased for my kids but haven't gotten to their cards yet :)

Betty Wright aka gbedwright said...

Susan, this is fabulous!!!! Great idea!!!! I left you a blog award at my blog!!!!

Lori said...

Love your card. The Cello bag makes the jar look like glass. Just beautiful

CaKath said...

I just saw my name here and it made me smile. We had such a great, long dinner and it was as though we have known each other for a long time. As for your card- mah velous! The idea of the cello bag for the shiny jar is genius. I hope Andy loves it as I know it comes from your heart to his. Hugs!