remember the circus

I am remembering the circus today, both vintage (my girlhood) and contemporary!   All I have to do is close my eyes and I can be right back there in the stands under the big top.  Oh, the earthy smells of the animals mingled with popcorn and sticky, sugar lollipops!  I recall the flyers nailed to every telephone pole down the street...how about you?  There was a wonderful book called Toby Tyler or 10 Weeks with a Circus  written in 1881 which chronicled the story of a boy who runs away from home to join the circus...I must have read that book a half a dozen times as a young girl in the sixties!  And while the concepts of the circus have gotten more exotic, think Cirque du Soleil...there is still the romance of the big top.

Today's Ways to Use it Challenge on SCS was to include foil in your design... well, I'm still playing around with the 'Never-ending' card from Monday.  Dawn's template is  here.
I thought it would be fun to do a larger card, sort of like you ripped the flyer off the pole to carry to the circus!  I have used Artistic Outpost's wonderful sets, Vintage Circus and Clowns to create four vignettes for the circus of my memory!  K&CO's Daydreams  provided the cool doubled sides paper.  If you would like all the details, please click over to my gallery on SCS.

Now you tell me, what memories to you have of circuses?


Julia Aston said...

Oh Susan! you made one of these - I didn't even take a peek at the video! super job on this and I love your vintage circus theme!! I have several of the books you buy at the circus from going to the Ringling Bros as a child up in my attic - I too can smell the hay filled 'poop' smells! and the popcorn and sweating animals.... one year we went to a little circus that actually came to a playground in our town and my sister and I each got a green chamelion (live!) that came in a box with a string around it's neck and a pin on the string holding him in the box - now that I think of it - how cruel was that?!?!?! but we brought them home and I guess they survived for a while I can't remember that part - we had them in a big cage so at least they were a little bit free!

The design on your never ending card is just wonderful - I'm going back to look at it more closely now!!

Debby said...

Ah my dear this is incredible. I'm rolling my eyes because.... I am at a loss for words and adjectives. Magnificent. And...You are from the PNW! I am in Bothell. Where are you my dear?

~amy~ said...

Susan...these are absolutely gorgeous! Wowza...you've really outdone yourself!!!! Evidently a family friend took me and my brothers to the circus when I was younger but sadly I don't remember it....

Patricia Rose said...

wow. Susan.... what a fabulous card.... Love the circus theme.... you are truley an amazing artist.... I remember going to the circus's... thanks for bringing back wonderful memories.