I just finished up the study I am doing with the His Holy Names challenge. These past two weeks we focused on the Almighty.  In Hebrew, it is EL SHADDI.  Roughly translated it means mountain GOD, apparently because the early writers of sacred text used the highest thing they could see to relate to God.  I lingered on the 84th Psalm as my scripture and chose to highlight it in my 6x6 page.  The Bible I use for my home study is well marked, highlighted, and underlined with dates, situations and prayer requests.  I can go back and find tangible evidence of God's hand on my life!  It makes it simple to fully trust HIM with what surrounds me now.

There are all the details of my design process in the commentary of my SCS gallery, if you would be interested.  One thing I will say, I wanted to use different fonts for the name El Shaddi...it reminded me that the Almighty loves all people and wants everyone to come to the knowledge of Jesus. Technique Tuesdays Calamity Jane large was the perfect mixed up alpha!

Have a blessed day, the sun is shining in the Pacific Northwest...always a blessing!


Anne Harada said...

There is so much to see and dwell on here. It's stunning, all the detailed elements came together beautifully Susan!

Shar B said...

Very pretty! What an amazing piece!

Michele Kovack said...

Gorgeous!! Love your attention to detail!

Julia Aston said...

This is wonderful Susan! I love the psalm on the parchment and the metal tag - the key - so many perfect elements to make this spiritual statement!