typing, not texting...

Hey all you with it, hip(py) gurls. Remember when communicating meant hours on the phone...not cordless either! I decided to go old-school with a card for my tenderhearted son.
I did NOT learn to type on one of these beauties...we had electric Coronas. I must admit I love my cord free Mac keyboard and how it clicks every so daintly.

When I got up this morning, there was a hand written note on the counter right by my espresso machine...where I was sure to notice. words like 'stole' my heart, and looking forward to seeing you tonight, Mom (Thursdays are usually the night we catch up) and I love you, Mom. Now standing over the machine steaming milk, I realized it have been quite awhile since I had made him a special card. And just like that the muse came out to play!
I can't wait to catch up IRL.

Details for the elements can be found here in my gallery on Splitcoast Stampers.


Cook22 said...

How sweet to find a handwritten note! There's not enough hand-writing round these days. I certainly didn't learn on an electric one - all three in our house were manual. I still think they look far nicer than a computer keyboard, but I remember how hard you had to hit those keys!
Happy weekend to you.

JeanFB said...

This is gorgeous - what a great combo of images, clever sentiment, colors - love it! And you actually got a little handwritten message for your efforts? PRICELESS!!!

Julia Aston said...

How wonderful to have a special time that you catch up with Sam - I love the design of this card with all the great panels of colors and patterns!

~amy~ said...

Such a sweet boy...I adore your card!!! Such a great image!!