The digital nativity

Such is the age we live it...have a look, I would love to know what you think!  I am amazed at the creativity...reaching peeps my simple card never would.

Paper from wood, ink from plant material, a sentiment:  Simply Grateful for the priceless gift of Jesus.

Blessings to you, 


Cook22 said...

Ah, but your card is lovely - like an old-fashioned wood-block or lino cut illustration.
Thanks for sharing that link - delightful and fun, and relevant to the modern generation.

Emily Keaton said...

Your simply grateful card is simply beautiful, Susan. Lovely work!

Joan Ervin said...

Your card is simply elegant, Susan, and tells the story perfectly!!! Love the video, too...who ever created it is such a genius!!!

Stella said...

Only using a few things and look here; one of the most gorgeous chirstmas cards I've ever seen.
I hope your Christams has been wonderful!