focusing, aka Mark Twain

just what I love, flipping through a fashion magazine seeing unrealistic shaped models wearing out of the stratosphere priced clothes that will NEVER be seen in the community in which I live. *Grin* But I DO appreciate the art of the AD's. And I enjoyed perusing the latest magazine in the break room. I actually loved this Fontainebleau ad, of which I 'lifted' the shades only.

The reflection in the lenses, one in crisp focus and one out of focus spoke to me. I hope you will see the irony as well. Sometimes we have to move slightly to see the true picture (or person). The Mark Twain quote:

You cannot depend on your eyes 
when your imagination is out
of focus.

I off stamped until I ran out of paper. And then used Washi tape to mark the date. There is more fun Washi tape running across the inside of the card.

Have a fantastically focused day, my artful friends.

Excuse me while I go clean my spectacles.


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