cramming and Dr Seuss...&D

Don't know about you gurls, but as an artist doing challenges, I constantly stray outta the 'lines'. The rules. It's the out of the box thinking that's where I want to live. So when challenges come around that have defined parameters, read SKETCHES, I always find them the most difficult for me to do. This card proved no different so I just stretched the box...

The SCS Sketch Challenge today can be found here. I wanted to create a card that would offer encouragement for &D as the sophomores are testing on a general knowledge level. Now having been homeschoolers for 15 years, you could say we are outside the box thinkers and doers. So I know all that thinking is rumbling around there, the task is to get it out and onto paper and bullet those answers with just the right intensity!

So that brings us back to Dr Seuss...an original thinker and wordsmith for sure! Had to have that on my card. And the pent up thinker guy...check, he's all set for an explosion of thinks. And he's dressed in the colors of our beloved #2 in the nation team! I couldn't help but include a moon shot and some embossed numbers for measure.

Of course, this morning we oversleep and have 19 minutes to get going...no time to write inside the card all the well wishes I'd have liked. But just the right amount of time, cause I got a hug and smile as my guy hurries out the door.

I do believe I'll stay outside the box, it's nice out here.


Joanne Travis said...

I absolutely LOVE Dr. Seuss and your fabulous and creative card!

Cook22 said...

Doh, my brain obviously isn't zinging and buzzing because it took me more than one think to get &D. I hope he did well in that test! I love Dr Seuss too, although I only remember having a very few of his books when we were little. A bit of nonsense now and again does us all good!
Totally recognisable as the sketch, too, with your own original thinking thoroughly shining through. I like the sketches for easy cards but find it harder to make them my own.