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I especially miss being in my parents home at Christmas time.  And my Mom always calls after she has had her 'Christmas cry'.  This is when she decorates the house with all the treasures from decades ago, plays Christmas music, and remembers days gone by.  Now my home is the NO PLACE like...and I'm filling it with sights, and sounds, and smells of the most wonderful time of the year.  I want my boys to have those memories just like me!

Before I was a paper artist, I loved to do counted cross stitch.  I have somewhere around 150 perforated paper Victorian Christmas ornaments that decorated 3 alpine silk trees.  I remember the year I began...I had enough to put on a wreath.  Each year more and more where added, a mantle one year and then one tree...the collection kept growing.  I get them out each year and and the memories flood back when I touch each one...it is a wonderful reminder of our journey as a family.

My card for the Inspiration Challenge today celebrates this theme, 
there is no place like home

Please feel welcome to share any holiday traditions that warm your heart!  Thanks



~amy~ said...

Oh Susan...I always love going down your Memory Lane with you...One of the things I remember about Christmas when I was younger was our white/metallic tree...ahhhh...I'd love to get one for my home now :) I {heart} the holidays and I truly am grateful for my family.

Your card is most fabulous...I especially love the ruby slippers! Here's to a warm day at the tree lot :)

Anne said...

What an amazing card!! I love the baby shoes!! You need to post a picture of those fabulous trees you described! Would love to see your counted cross stich projects!!

ChristineCreations said...

Wow Susan...really all those ornaments? They must be beautiful!

I finally had a chance to catch up with you!

Love your adorable card too...there really is no place like home...but...we're not home yet :)

Hope you'll get to spend Christmas with your boys...have a great evening!

Jackie said...

Hi Susan! love your cards...you do great work!!!

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

WOW. Is this every gorgeous! And it does bring back memories. Thanks for sharing!

Stef H
(SCS: Glitterbabe)

Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

This is awesome Susan! I'm sure you have created the loving memories for your children as your Mom has for you!! This card is so "special" ... and "says it all!"

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

What a beautiful tradition! Thank you for sharing these memories with us, I so enjoy reading them. As a military family, each holiday is different - The most Christmases we have seen in one home is 4. As long as we are together, that is all that matters to me!!
hugs, Jami