Todays limited supplies challenge on SCS was quite limited.  I loved it!  I tend to use more bits in my work so Fridays are good for me!  And I seriously need to take that over into my home!  But that's a topic for another day (insert Scarlet O'Hara thinking here)!  I decided to make a tag  using the limitations of the challenge.  Only snowflakes, monochromatic, one word sentiment, and bling.  

I chose my sentiment after walking through my image book.  All the usual words came to mind, but were discarded.  I kept coming back to the thought of what snow means to me and silence kept resonating in my mind.  Now I know that might 'sound' strange...the sounds of silence, didn't Simon and Garfinkle do a song by that title?!!!  But I crave the sound of silence, especially living in a house of boys.  All day long, it's their music, tv's, video games...now, please don't get me wrong, I can groove to most of their music...but after so long, my heart craves that still quiet where I can 'hear' myself think!  That is why the sound of snow falling is music to these ears!  That is why I burn the midnight oil...to be surrounded by a clock ticking or the soft breathing of my loved ones, and yes, even the snores of our big, fluffy cat, Jessie.

How about you?  What sounds are golden to you?  I would love to hear what you think!  It will be silent, but I will celebrate those words!


Deb said...

I am like you, the girl in a house of guys who like TV and games...they're loud and boisterous, so sometimes I just crave the quiet. I like it at night when they're both asleep and the only thing I hear is the whir of the computer and the click of my fingers on the keys as the day comes to a close!

Another sound I love is a clear voice singing a capella...it seems to lend emphasis to the words of the song.

Your tag is beautiful. Love the soft colors and that one word. Makes me marvel at the silence of that One night and the Music of Heaven!

~amy~ said...

I'm a morning person...I love the "sound" of silence during that time...lately my kids have been fighting with each other and then turn around and make each other laugh...then there is chasing and I could go on and on..It is truly a circus in my home and although I can be challenged by their fighting, I love them to pieces and the happy sounds far outweigh the other noises. I love your tag Susan...it has a sense of calmness to it...I hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Unknown said...

Oh, these could be words out of my own mouth! They call Korea the "land of the morning calm" Each morning there is a fog that covers everything, and I can see it for miles from my window. It is so peaceful... and silent.

Your tag is beautiful - I love the warm hues!!
hugs, Jami