family Christmas cards

Let's see, it's a week till Christmas eve and I have one card in the mail!  That's right on my pace.  
Terrible to admit, perhaps, but I've come to realize I can't do it all, but I'll try to do it RIGHT!  I am glad I have 'people' who love me just the same...my heart will always be in it!

It is Wednesday again and the Sketch Challenge on SCS.  My card will make #2 postal, for a beloved brother and favorite uncle.  He'll appreciate all the fluff and stuff.  I had to use liquid applique on this fun collaged Santa from Tim Holtz.  If you would like to read the full details, you'll find them here.

So how about you, want give up any hints for being more organized and put together.  I'm convinced that arty types are only disorganized and chaos reigns...please share if this is not the case with you...I'd really love to change my stripes


~amy~ said...

Lovely card Susan!!!! Here's my take...I mass produce cards for the holiday's...I figure that I can send out super special cards throughout the year...IMO the holiday's really isn't the time to fuss about personalized/custom cards for everyone on your list when you have to deal with so many other aspects of the season. Above all, stay calm :) A gal can only do as much as she can....everyone will understand :) Take it easy Susan!!

Julia Aston said...

Love your santa card for brother/uncle! super fluffy beard on the old guy!!!

I'm with Amy - everytime I made a Christmas card for a challenge on SCS - I cut out enough for 10 cards - sometimes I didn't put them together for a day or two - but I had all the parts ready! and they piled up surprisingly fast and I had a variety to chose for particular friends rather than just one for all!

This is the first year I've done it this way and it worked very well for me!

Unknown said...

Beautiful card!!!

I am usually very organized but the past few weeks have gotten the better of me... it may take me a while to clean up my craft area! I try to clean up as I go...a trick I learned in the kitchen because I really dislike having to clean up after enjoying a good meal.

Hugs, Jami