mid pleasures and palaces

Today's Sketch Challenge looked like a stoplight to me!  I had to turn it on it's side and create a 'hurry' home card.  If you would like the specific details of this card, please stop into my gallery over on SCS.

I wanted the feeling of blankets, buckets of popcorn and cuties (tangerines), and movies on my card...I think the warm colors convey that.   We're preparing for the return of our DS for Christmas break.  Our family circle will be closed again.  We all feel the excitement in the air.
It's the very wee hours, I am listening to favorite praise music and texting messages to DS.  I am blessed that both my boys communicate with me this way.  In the beginning, I didn't cotton to this new technology.  But when I least expect it a little tidbit pops up on my screen and it's like a cyber hug!  

And for my sons, if you happen to read this...Mom's started using two fingers.....Hurry home...we're waiting the tree for you!  

I'd love to hear your thoughts on being anxious for the arrival of loved ones...it is in this moment I feel so alive, so hopeful, the anticipation...that is to me  the true essence of Christmas.


~amy~ said...

Such a beautiful card susan...it truly is filled with warmth and love...you can just "feel" it...

Jackie said...

Love this card Susan! very nice work!!!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Such warm and wonderful colors, and touching sentiment!! I have yet to be apart from my boys as they are still teens; however, I have anxiously awaited the return of dh on many occasion after long separations. Every time I would get butterflies in my stomach from the excitement of it all! I'm so happy that your family will all be reunited for the holidays!!
hugs, Jami