Western Union

It very interesting to think about how just a couple generations ago important news was received by telegram.  My card today for the
 Color Challenge had me wondering how it felt to get your information this way. I used a collaged image from Oxford Impressions 'Winter Snow' set that contains the telegram as well as the wonderful vintage Christmas tree.  I set the tree inside Stampinks Unlimited fabulous shuttered window.  Merry Christmas is stamped onto the telegram .

I'm glad for today's technology that keeps us just a touch of the keyboard away from new news...but my Mom won't have any of it though my sibs and I have pleaded for her to get connected.  She still wants her news the old fashioned way.  And I do respect that, but you'll find me busy texting encouraging notes to my sons or a voice mail to my husband...sweet nothings...I will use what we have to the benefit of my family.  And I hope I'll always be willing to learn what's new...so I can keep up!  

So this card goes out today to my parents. Some things are just better the old way! How about you?


~amy~ said...

Gorgeous card...I love the window against the blue...makes it *pop*. I'm a texter {usually 2 pagers!}, emailer and letter writer :) It's all good...

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Love this card with the open window. It's hard to imagine a time when the news was not *instant*! I haven't gotten a cell phone here, so I've been without for 5 months...I sometimes feel very disconnected because of it. Like you, I used to text my sons so when they popped their phones on after school they'd have little love notes from me. I miss that!
hugs, Jami